In apress releasepublished on October 19, 2020, the欧洲ean Councilannounced that it has adopted a set ofconclusionsregarding the EU’sFarm to Fork Strategy. Specifically, regarding food contact materials (FCMs), the council writes that it “welcomes the Commission’s plans to revise the food contact materials legislation to improve food safety and public health.” It further “encourages the Commission to develop harmonised rules for specific types of material used for food contact in the light of the increasing demands for circularity, while ensuring food safety.” Notably, the body also “calls for a declaration of compliance for all food contact materials” as a new common EU requirement “in order to document materials’ safety, give relevant information to the next user in the supply chain and improve the recyclability of food contact materials.”

In May 2020, the欧洲ean Commissionpublished the Farm to Fork Strategy, which outlined a timeline for revisions to current FCM regulations (FPFreported). A proposal of the revised regulations is set to be released in the fourth quarter of 2022; however, many stakeholders are concerned that is too far into the future given the open calls for revisions over the past six years.

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欧洲ean Council (October 19, 2020). “Council prioritises actions for sustainable food systems: conclusions on the farm to fork strategy.”


欧洲ean Council (October 19, 2020). “Council Conclusions on the Farm to Fork Strategy.” (pdf)